Dont shave your pussies

Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 11, 09 at pm. 75 Reply Report. @ Apparently you don't shave your pussy? Because every time creates irritation, not just the first few times. Why do some French women not shave their vaginas? - Quora August. Age: 23. Safe Incall Location I've had women that didn't have a scent, and felt a little bummed out about that. How old were you when you first shaved your pussy? More importantly what was it that gave you the idea to do so? Who use to do it but now pretty much keep it natural with some simple trimming? We are not getting graded here so just be honest and please don't give me ridiculous answers like "it's healthier or it's cleaner. Vanessa. Age: 21. Top Escort is an open-minded bisexual Polish Escort girl with a sexy and delicate body do many women shave their pussy? and does the ass need doing??? sorry... Jan 29, - Even putting aside bacteria, you can get infections just from the act of shaving itself. Pubic hair acts like a barrier against dirt, dust, debris, and all sorts of other things you wouldn't want near your vagina. You don't want debris of any sort near your vagina, trust me. Public hair is a sign of maturity. Pubic hair is. Feb 10, - Trimmed, nothing fancy, and please don't shave it. Prepubescence shouldn't ever give dudes a boner, and really, if your partner demands a bald downstairs, know there are a billion other guys who want to see something there, and will love you for it. Seeing you've left something, but have taken the care to.

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Kelsey. Age: 29. outcall to your place or hotel Jan 29, - While I still sometimes shave my bikini line when I'm in a swimsuit, my default is now decidedly full bush. And I'm not going back. Here's why. don't have books, don't fuck them? Well, if you show someone your pussy, and they give you any shit about having a full bush or pubic hair at all, don't fuck them. Sep 23, - “Most guys don't really like pubic hair – how else am I ever gonna get anyone to sleep with me?” “I can actually That said, here are 7 reasons you actually shouldn't shave your pubes: 1 OF 7 Pubes are there to make one of the most friction-heavy circumstances more comfortable for your genitals. Pubes. i think its very common that people shave down below. more for women than men, but alot of men trim it up. i feel its neater and cuter to shave down there. i love the look and feel.. plus its more sensative to have skin on skin contact with your partner. and it helps the guys while they are going down. i dont.


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