How do i get my wife to spank me

Mar 10, - Any time you incorporate non-standard interests into a relationship, it requires a difficult conversation, honesty in a trusting space. While I greatly dislike the rapey undertones of Fifty Shades of Grey, I love that it has offered a very mainstr Should I ask my girlfriend to spank me? I have a spanking fetish. My Wife Asked Me to Spank Her – Married Heat Santa. Age: 30. Let me introduce you to the life of a king My legs start to tremble. Jan 7, - This is what my wife said to some friends recently “He liked it before I met him, so it wasn't too hard. It's not a submissive thing for him – he can still tell me what do, naked and bent over and bruised. But he likes the pain.” That's pretty much accurate. I'm thinking out a post on why I like spanking as a top. Casana. Age: 28. call me on my direct line, or message me, either way i'm here waiting for you Frustrating Apr 26, - spank me She is involved in a married women's ministry within our church and one topic that comes up is “having a sexually satisfying marriage”. Each woman, at different times, shares what works for them. One night my wife came home from one of her meetings and told me that she wanted to try some. I have asked my wife for spankings and she obliges. However, she has mentioned that spanking me doesn't do much for her. I'm grateful that she is generous Spanked (hard) by my wife - Spank Me, Oh Yes! (erotic.

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Lexxi. Age: 26. I am a real german girl with a favorite of soft bdsm Apr 20, - My wife began spanking me about a year ago. She only used a paddle to turn my cheeks bright red. It's kind of fun. A few weeks ago while I was bent over the couch for a spanking in panties. her sister walked in I was humiliated, especially when my wife said she invited her over to watch. Her sister lowered. By far the most humiliating experience was having my wife tell her sister that she was going to spank me! Then she took a brush from her purse and asked her sister to excuse us. She led me to a bedroom where she took my pants down spanked me to tears and then made me apologize to her sister for being rude! Her sister. My wife told me to go upstairs and she began to follow me. Her sister said we know what you're going to do because when everyone is here on holidays and you take him upstairs we hear you through the heat runs spanking him. so why don't you just spank him here. Well my wife made me strip naked and and they laughed.


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