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Apr 13, - Most women get rid of body hair off at the first sign of trouble (ahem, stubble). Razors, shaving cream, waxing — you name it, we've all tried it. Morgan Mikenas, however, hasn't shaved in over a year. Why? She believes women shouldn't be bound to societal norms, and wants everyone to find confidence in. Dear men: Here's what women really think about your body hair Kala. Age: 21. Thanks for taking the time to meet me Politics Watch PMQs live: If you're planning on doing it, here's how to follow through. A shaved chest makes a guy look more manly, especially if he has a hot body." Jenna: "I like a hairy chest but nothing too out of control. Just like eyebrows and beards, chest hair should also be groomed. If he has patchy chest hair, he should go ahead and shave it. If he's on the hairy side, he should definitely trim it up but. Sindee. Age: 29. real GFE or PSE This Fitness Blogger Hasn't Shaved Any Part of Her Body in Over a Year “Or, if you want to look extra clean [and have fine, soft body hair], trim the chest and stomach hair using a #1 clipper.” If you decide to go completely smooth, dermatologist Anthony Rossi suggests treating manscaping the same way you treat shaving your face: “Manscape in a hot, steamy shower to soften up the hairs. Trim or. Aug 9, - Take it from time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps: Shaving off body hair can shave off seconds in the pool. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. 2 of 9. Getty Images. Anthony Ervin But that doesn't mean these swimmers would be any less amazing if they decided to let their hair grow free.

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Shyla. Age: 19. Love, jannina & cheyenne Jul 15, - But I think it keeps me from sweating as much down there and that's really the only reason I keep doing it. Man D: I shave my pubes for aesthetic reasons. I've got very little body hair, so a big hairy mass of pubes just doesn't look good. I also enjoy the feeling of the smooth skin. When I first started shaving. Dec 31, - Are you considering a body shave? Read our guide to In any case, most guys can agree that right now shaving down your entire body isn't exactly “in style.” Then again a select . from irritants as well. Activate the Power Burst button and sheer through the thickest threads like a knife through hot butter. Subscribe to Waysandhow: Do you know how to shave.


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