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Nov 13, - Two of the largest industries in the world have, quite literally, reached a new climax in their production, and have begun using more natural ingredients in their products. There is a growing trend to use bodily fluids in beauty products and food, and semen seems to be the ingredient in demand. Swallowing Your Partner's Ejaculate | SexInfo Online Alaina. Age: 20. Althea "Beauty, body and brain":an international multilingal open-minded woman for quality companionship For sources, see 1,2,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 Some people have gone as far as to make cookbooks and cocktail recipes incorporating semen as an ingredient, but others complain that swallowing semen can give them an upset stomach. While men like their women to give oral sex to them, some women find it gross and disgusting. In the latter case, which may arise during fellatio if the penis is not withdrawn from the mouth at the point of orgasm, the giving partner may choose to spit the semen out, or to swallow it. The choice is ultimately a personal one, but with safe sex practices, communication with your partner, and experimentation, you may  Missing: hygienic. Vanilla. Age: 28. my details are: 6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Sperm — Yes, You Read That Right Mar 16, - these are the benefit of drinking semen: 1. Natural anti-depressant. 2. Natural anxiety reducer. 3. Improves quality of sleep. 4. Increases energy. 5. Improves concentration. 6. Improves memory. 7. Improves mental alertness. 8. Assists withpregnancy maintenance. 9. Increases female-initiated sexual. Jan 21, - There is always a mixed reaction towards sperm. While most of the women hate it, there are many who swallow it. It would be interesting to know that the sperm is often used as one of the chief ingredients in beauty products. This is because sperm is said to have many beauty benefits. For example, sperm.

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Flora. Age: 26. Hello gentlemen Jan 19, - For women, there are four options: swallowing, sublingual, anal, and not using a condom. The swallowing method won't produce all of the benefits because much of the ingredients in semen are destroyed or denatured by the stomach. Sublingual or allowing it to absorb under your tongue and then  Missing: hygienic. Dec 26, - Semen is a seminal fluid that contains sperms. The prostate fluid which gets mixed in the semen causes odor. This odor does not come from testicular secretion. Each testis contains about meter of tube in which sperms are made and transported to vas deferens. Vas deferens is one of the two muscular. Oct 8, - Actually I consider swallowing semen to be one of the safest things to do when a man ejaculates. The risk of pregnancy is zero and the risk of STD is much less than with having semen in your vagina or anus. Of course, you shouldn't have any sex wi Does Islam prohibit oral sex and swallowing ejaculate?


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