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Jul 18, - The vaginismus studies of Irving Binik, PhD, show that phobia — a fear of vaginal penetration and pain — is what causes the involuntary spasm. Some people are afraid of dogs, or heights, or open spaces; some are afraid of vaginal penetration. Fear of penetration? Darla. Age: 24. I love being tied up and spanked Rape is a fundamental violation of the victim's body and mind. Feb 16, - Genophobia, also known as coitophobia, is the fear of sexual intercourse. People with this fear may be afraid of all sex acts, or only of intercourse itself. The term genophobia is sometimes used interchangeably with erotophobia or the fear of sex. Amia. Age: 25. Hi I'm Naughty Nicole The 9 Most Common Sexual Phobias Jan 9, - as two separate disorders in the subcategory of sexual dysfunctions. Belief that her vagina is too small may be one of the reasons for a woman's fear of vaginal penetration. (Cinesias entreating Myrrhina to coition, , by Aubrey Beardsley). Oct 14, - Because the woman who suffers from vaginismus contracts, involuntarily, the vaginal muscles making penetration difficult. wringing Just like the problem with undressing before, there are people that fear or refuse to talk about sex. covering.

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Lucky. Age: 21. I'm new to town and I just love meeting new people Dec 3, - My powerful disgust-and-fear response to vaginal penetration will surely pose a tremendous barrier to sexual intercourse, for psychological if not for physical reasons. What can I do to overcome my phobias or hang-ups, and to work toward being. Nov 11, - We've tried to have sex twice now, and both times I get so scared that we have to stop. I keep worrying about the pain involved. However (before you suggest anything along those lines), I know I am ready for this, but it has more to do with a fear of. Mar 10, - Vaginismus is a physical tightening reflex of the vagina making penetration impossible whereas this is a phobia of sex. Information about vaginismus here: I think both problems are treated in.


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